The Carnivore Diet: How Only Eating Meat Affects Your Health

the carnivore diet
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The Carnivore diet has historical roots that can be traced back to ancient times and even the Stone Age. The early humans were primarily hunters. Their diet was majorly based on hunting animals and plant foods.

These animal-based diet consist of only meat products. Foods were generally higher in protein quantity and fats. But as the world has grown, people have become more diverse in different food sources according to their beliefs. Such as only plant-based diet, were people ate foods such as millets, vegetables and roots.

In current times, people are experiencing more and more health related problems than before, due to consumption of foods which are generally made from high processed material such as all-purpose flour, wheat and fried foods.

The shift in diet from eating meats to more processed foods and fried foods have make people more prone to health diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, Cancer and High Cholesterol levels.

As people have become more educated about the potential health risk from eating highly processed foods, they are getting inspired from celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Shawn Baker and renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson. In their testimony they have stated that the animal-based diet has not only improve quality of life but also have cure their health problems such as excess fat, floaters, swollen gum.

Now let’s understand, what is making more people to follow the carnivore diet just like their ancestors.

Understanding the Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet is a unique approach to nutrition that involves the exclusive consumption of only Animal-based foods, such as meats, fish, eggs and dairy. Advocates of the carnivore diet believes that this diet provides all the essential nutrients which are needed for optimum functioning of human body.

Foods sources of plant-based are completely or minimally eliminated. Following this concept, the Carbohydrates are too very minimalistic. Scientist Shawn Baker describes diet low in carbohydrates as Keto-Diet.

Shawn Baker says that, When you adapt to low-carbohydrates and meats foods, within a week your body shifts into the Ketosis State. The ketosis process forces the body to to burn more stored body fat as a source of fuel.

Check Out What People Have To Say About Carnivore Diet

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Foods That You Eat In Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet
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Foods To Consume In Carnivore Diet

MeatBeef (steak, ground beef), lamb, pork, poultry
FishSalmon, sardines, mackerel, trout, other fatty fish
EggsWhole eggs
DairyCheese, butter, heavy cream
Organ meatsLiver, kidney, heart
Processed meatsBacon, sausage, pepperoni
Bone brothHomemade broth from animal bones

Foods To Avoid In Carnivore Diet

Fruits and VegetablesAll fruits and vegetables, including berries
GrainsWheat, rice, oats, quinoa, barley, and other grains
LegumesBeans, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, soy products
Nuts and SeedsAlmonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, etc.
Plant OilsOlive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oils
SugarsAll forms of added sugars, sweeteners, and desserts
Processed FoodsPackaged snacks, processed foods, and convenience items

What Are The Benefits of Eating Carnivore

Increased Energy: Research claims that by eliminating carbohydrates and relying on nutrient-dense animal products, the animal-based diet provides a consistent source of fuel that keeps energy levels stable throughout the day. Individuals may experience enhanced stamina and productivity.

Improved Mental Clarity: Many carnivore dieters report better mental focus and clarity. The absence of processed foods and sugars reduces brain fog, leading to increased cognitive performance and improved productivity.

Weight Loss: The Animal-based diet can be an effective tool for weight loss and weight management. By eliminating carbohydrates and moderating protein intake, individuals may experience reduced cravings and improved body composition.

Reduced Inflammation: For individuals struggling with chronic inflammation, the meat-based diet may offer relief. By removing potentially inflammatory foods like grains and legumes, this diet promotes a balanced inflammatory response and supports overall well-being.

Cures Autoimmune Condition: Famous Podcaster, Mikhaila Peterson states that eating carnivore-diet helped her to cure her autoimmune condition with symptoms such as skin rashes, arthritis and weight gain which she was suffering from her childhood. Although scientist say that there is a lack of scientific proof, but regular consumer of carnivore diet have said it have improve their quality of life.

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What Does A Daily Animal-Based Diet Look Like?

  • Here is a Simple Diet Plan that you can start with
Diet plan for Carnivore Diet (Source –

Risks Associated With Eating-Carnivore

Digestive Issues: People trying animal-based diet for the first time may experience constipation or other digestives issues. This may happen due to absence of fiber from plant foods.

Nutrient Deficiency: The diet may lack essential nutrients, leading to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Individuals are suggested to consult doctors for a blood test to determine which nutrients deficiency do they have before taking any supplements.

Damage Kidney’s: Consuming excessive amounts of protein, especially from animal sources, may strain the kidneys over time. This is particularly relevant for individuals with pre-existing kidney conditions.

Concern Bone Health: Insufficient intake of calcium and other minerals from dairy and plant sources may affect bone health. Calcium Deficiency may compromise with bone density and increase the risk of fractures and other skeletal issues.

Unseen Hearth Challenges: Carnivore-diets are generally high in saturated fats. Increased amount of saturated fat in diet may elevate the cholesterol levels. This can raise the potential risk of cardiovascular issues.

Social Challenges: Adapting to carnivore-diet can impact your social life by limiting the food choices, making it challenging to participate in shared meals or gatherings.

7 Essential Tips for a Balanced Carnivore Diet and Optimal Health

Exercising Regularly: Foods sources that are high in protein, has the tendency to get stored as fat if they are consumed in more quantity than required. Therefore, it is advised to exercise regularly for burning those extra calories.

Gradual Transition: Give your body proper time to get adapted to meat-based diet. Start with small portions of animal’s foods. After you are able to consume those protein rich foods adequately, now you can make transition to all animal diet.

Proper Hydration: Drinking water is very necessary while following animal-based diet. This food sources are high in protein and less in fibers. Proper hydration ensures that all the food get proper digested and help in smooth metabolic process.

Diverse Meat Choices: Include a variety of meats for a broader food choice.

Supplements Intake: Ensure that you are taking all the important micronutrients in your diet as well. Supplementation of nutrients such as calcium and fibers can also be taken to complete the need of important micro-nutrients.

Listen To Your Body: Pay attention to how your body respond to meat-only diet. It may take few weeks to get adjusted to this diet patterns.

Consulting a Professional: Adapting only meat-based diet may cause you to get certain vitamin deficiencies. It is advices to keep a habit of monthly health check-up to monitor your overall health during the period of dieting of animal-based diet.

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